All the Pros and Cons of Norton Security

High-level protection for any online activities including online browsing, downloading files, etc. Norton Security reviews show that this software can do it all and deliver even more advantages to your device. Let’s find out more about this program and compare its pros & cons in the article below.

A Brief Overview

Norton Security has a simple interface. Many users find it appealing and easy to navigate. Besides, it’s a popular option that has been tested by numerous independent labs and the results are very good.

The developer has been on the market for decades delivering good antivirus solutions to users all across the globe. While it has a minor setback a couple of years ago, it’s going strong again.

The latest version now comes with the possibility of clean uninstallation. Using this tool, there won’t be any traces of the unwanted software left. It also comes with an online backup storage tool. In addition to great antivirus protection, the program is sure to be worth your attention.

Many users also point out that customer support is on the highest level, too. The team of specialists helps resolve any issues fast. Also, there is a FAQ section that covers different related topics and can come in handy.

Pros and Cons of Using Norton Internet Security

There are multiple reasons to try this software. It comes with lots of advantages that include:

  • Simple installation and automated updates. The program has a nice-looking interface that even a beginner can quickly navigate. It takes only a couple of clicks to start a quick scan.
  • The installation file is lightweight and won’t take much space on your device. It’s easy and accessible.
  • A password manager comes in the bundle to store, protect, and manage your logins and passwords. It’s an extra layer of protection that can come in handy.
  • A VPN creates another layer of protection allowing you to browse sites anonymously.
  • Norton Internet Security blocks ads, pop-ups, dangerous downloads. You are sure to see “cleaner” sites and have a better browsing experience.
  • Advanced protection stops online threats traditional antiviruses don’t spot.
  • Identity protection prevents hackers from spying on you and stealing your personal information.
  • You can expect good protection from phishing sites on multiple platforms.
  • Norton Security reviews also verify that ransomware protection delivers great results.
  • Antispam protection will detect spam and stop it from getting to your devices.

On the other hand, there are some weak sides to this program, too. For instance, you can notice such drawbacks as:

  • USB scanning options are time-consuming. If you often use USB devices and need a quick scan, Norton Security won’t deliver you the desired speed.
  • Not frequent updates mean that the software doesn’t have enough data about the newly-created threats.
  • It’s not compatible with some software and can cause conflict or other issues.
  • The program can impact system performance, especially if a user has an older version of Windows.
  • No extra tools like a file shredder, a safe browser, etc.

The Verdict on Norton Security

All in all, this is a decent solution at an affordable price. In 2018-2019, Norton Antivirus transitioned to Norton Security. Now the company offers several subscription plans based on the variety of features and how many devices need coverage.

It’s a clean, simple software that often comes pre-installed on many computers. No wonder why. Numerous advantages prove that. The program has the most advanced virus removal tool that takes it to the list of leading antivirus choices.