How to Choose a VPN Provider for Mac?

While many people who use devices on Mac OS think they are 100% safe. Yet, it turns out hacker and cybercriminals can steal manage to steal your data and use it for their benefit. One of the ways you can add another layer of protection is to use a VPN when going online. It has numerous advantages and has become really popular lately. Let’s go over the main reasons why you need to try this technology and which companies provide a VPN for Mac users.

The peculiarities of VPN you are sure to benefit from

First things first. You should know what a VPN is. In fact, it’s a Virtual Private Network that is designed for online safety. Every time you visit any website, it collects certain data from you. As s rule, it’s the IP address which can also be tracked to your home address, real name, etc. If you shop online, it’ll also include credit card information. At any moment, the hacker can intercept the data stream and steal this information. Now people are more aware of this and protect themselves using VPN services. It delivers the following advantages:

  • It hides your IP address using IPs of their servers.
  • You can access websites which are restricted in your region by connecting to the servers from other countries.
  • Sometimes, it’s used by freelancers and people who work remotely to access the company’s network.
  • It adds another layer of protection when you use public Wi-Fi spots.
  • Reliable VPN providers don’t log, store or trace your online activity keeping you completely anonymous.

As you see, VPN technology is quite useful on many occasions. You can benefit from it when working, traveling, shopping, etc. Any online activity will be encrypted.

Providers that support VPN for Mac users

If you are now thinking of getting a VPN app/extension, you should know that far from all providers work with Mac users. Most providers stick to Windows, Android, and Chrome. Yet, there are some top companies which deliver high-quality services to Mac users, too. They are EpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost, and NordVPN. Each company has certain advantages in different spheres, so you need to decide why you need a VPN. Let’s find out the strong sides of every VPN provider in question.

ExpressVPN is often the best choice for Mac users. It doesn’t only have a user-friendly simple interface, but also maintains thousands of servers in over 94 countries. You are only one click away from connecting to any of them.

Hotspot Shield stands out by being the cheapest in this list. It keeps 2500 servers in 25+ countries allowing you to pick any country you need. The interface is also pretty basic, even beginners will quickly figure out how to navigate it. The company also offers a free extension for Internet browsers, but it’s very limited.

CyberGhost has some servers dedicated to torrenting. If you are looking for a VPN that supports this feature, this will be your best choice. It also has 3700 servers in over 60 countries and a number of small useful features.

NordVPN is the biggest provider with over 5300 servers worldwide. You can pick from 60 different countries and enjoy the complete protection achieved by double encryption. This provider also unlocks certain streaming apps and offers a free 7-day trial version.

When making a choice, start from defining your needs. It’ll help you narrow down the list of options and pick the most suitable VPN.