Secure digital communication between members of a board of directors with the board portal software

The level of security provided by the board portal has been a real boon to any meeting participant since it has opened a new way for business companies to interact. Not only does this solution speed up the meeting process and make it more productive, but it also provides the proper protection so that everyone on the board can access the most confidential material from anywhere, office, home, or even on the go.

Why use an online board portal?

Using board portals gives board meeting attendees some advantages that all previous board methods could not provide. First, it’s a cloud-based space that allows you to upload and store all the data you need for the meeting in one place. Thus, any authorized user will be able to study the materials for the meeting in detail and unhurriedly, to better prepare for it. Improving the conditions for examining data improves the quality of information comprehension and leads to a wiser and more balanced decision, which will have a positive effect on the company. 

Materials from previous meetings will be stored in the archives of the space, so everyone involved can refer to them if necessary. Thanks to board portals, you can erase any geographical boundaries, members of directors who cannot physically attend the meeting can join it remotely.

Using this tool also means an efficient and cost-effective way to keep members connected and informed about all aspects of their work. You no longer have to print out the documents you need for the meeting, make copies and mail them, all documents can be digitally collected in a couple of minutes and uploaded to the space, all other users will know about it right away.

Board portal security features

Despite the speed and ease of access board portal software is one of the most secure tools to use. The developers of this solution offer a strong security infrastructure that meets international security standards. Portals not only protect the login but also use other advanced security features, some of them include:

  • Detail permissions – Space administrators can control data access for all users without exception. In other words, a participant will only see documents that the administrator has allowed them to see
  • Board members can view sensitive documents from any remote location
  • Tracking -Board members can monitor the development of items such as liquidity, net income, capital ratios, or assets
  • Password protection – protects against hacking and unauthorized entry
  • Improve your business continuity plan -so you can be prepared for any emergencies while getting minimal losses

Other benefits of board portals

Safety is one of the main reasons to use board portals, but these tools have many other benefits as well, increasing the productivity and uptime of your company. The best vendors, such as, have the following features:

  • Collaboration tools -votes and comments are something that helps engage board members in discussions, this will help listen to every point of view and increase the productivity of the meeting
  • Announcements and recorded minutes -allows all important discussions and events to be stored in a space
  • Keyword search – makes it easy to find the data you need within documents, allowing you to find what you’re looking for in seconds
  • Share calendars – this helps attendees schedule their meetings better
  • Easy document sharing -share files without leaving your space in a secure environment
  • Solutions for Organized Meetings- These tools can help you better organize your meetings and save time in preparation by providing many automated features